New Jersey Chapter Statement of Value

New Jersey ISPE is an organization of, and for, professionals in the ever changing Life Sciences Community. As such, we strive to provide value to our various constituencies – owners, consultants, designers, contractors, vendors, students and the un- and under-employed – in a number of critical areas:

  • Wide range of multi-level Education and Training whether you are a newly graduated student or a multi-decade veteran, to enable you to be more successful at your current or yet-achieved "ideal" responsibilities within the Life Sciences community;
  • Sharing of Industry Trends to enable you to provide greater value to your employer, colleagues and the Life Sciences community in general, as we all strive to succeed in a "do more with less" environment;
  • Providing a forum in which you can share your expertise, experiences, innovations and thoughts/dreams with your colleagues via seminars, articles, roundtables, task forces and so on, where you can positively contribute to the future of the Life Sciences community;
  • Encouraging "work hard, play hard" opportunities where socialization and networking provide forums to informally expand your professional and personal network, resulting in friendships that last for decade

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